About Webera


We prepare customized solutions 
for each type of business and need.

Companies require technological solutions and services that improve efficiency, productivity, image and results. Viable alternatives, qualified people, complexity treatment, usability and risk mitigation are some of the challenges to be overcome. The lack of specialized internal manpower can be solved by hiring reliable suppliers, partners in coping with problems of quality, innovation, commitment and credibility.

Given this scenario, we have gathered our knowledge and convictions to found Webera. We aim to simplify the use of technology with unique solutions and use our experience with technology, project management and people to deliver results that meet our customers’ expectations. We choose effective technological resources to the corporate world, with guidance on availability, security, reliability and return on investment.

We are professionals developed in national and multinational companies in the Telecommunications, Financial and IT Services segments, and we have accumulated success cases in:

  • Deployment, management and support of IT infrastructure and VoIP telephony;
  • Architecture, development, deployment and support systems;
  • Data and database administration;
  • Definition and management of physical and logical security of information;
  • Compliance with PCI-DSS and major flags of payment cards;
  • Compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley IT Law;
  • Software quality benchmarking (SQA);
  • Definition and execution of plans for cutover, rollout and fallback;
  • Strategies and Business Continuity Plans (COB) and Disaster Recovery (DRP);
  • International team management and project office (PMO);
  • Management of incidents, problems and changes.
  • Business Intelligence: ODS, Data Warehouse, Data Mining for Business Prediction;
  • Startups in mobile telephony and acquirer of payment cards;
  • Deploying Google Apps in five countries with more than twenty thousand accounts;
  • Deployment of AWS services.

Based in Reston VA with offices in São Paulo Brazil, we have specialists trained to support the operations of companies internationally.