Because of all this idea that cloud is unlimited and it can solve any problem with a little effort we may think that anyone can migrate our assets to it and it will be very simple. The truth is things are much easier when you are in the cloud, but moving there can get quite complicated, and besides this first challenges you may end with a solution which does not use the full potential it has.

From the feasibility analysis to the cloudification steps, Webera can help your business to overcome the challenges and execute a smooth transition. Here are some of the migration services we can provide:

Infrastructure Migration

By finding the match of your servers and applications with the available cloud technologies, we can migrate any supported virtualized or virtualizable environments, which includes most of the X86 applications. This step can significantly reduce your overall costs and release your teams from the hack and stack work, allowing them to focus on improvements and innovations to drive business to grow and higher customer satisfaction.


Customers can interact with your business anytime from anywhere. Collaboration tools had to evolve allowing teams to work anytime, from anywhere. Today, in a few clicks teams can jump to meetings with documents, presentations, data, everything they needed to solve real problems. With the experience of moving more than 20.000 users, Webera provides strategy, change management and the data migration, customized for your business needs.

Cloud to Cloud Migration

At Webera deeply understand change, and sometimes depending on many factors, including fusions and acquisitions, we have to move from one cloud provider to another, and we are here to help.


The next step in cloud migration, and maybe the most important, is to move the applications from the static server scenario to the real cloud scenario. When they will be able to scale up and down automatically, and you can have a clear cost by a customer or by a collaborator depending on your business requirements.

With Webera you can have access to all computing resources that your business needs, without waiting for the delivery of equipment. You can innovate with no upfront infrastructure costs, making your team agiler and your customers even more satisfied.

We work with the best cloud providers with a range of remote services that together create the most advanced and complete computing platform in the cloud.