Threats to any company digital infrastructure are constant and grow everywhere and every time. No organization can ensure to be free of any attacks. Deceptive hackers increasingly create even more complicated and sophisticated attacks. There are several mitigation methods but, by the end of the day, there is not a unique 100% guaranteed way to the next minute safety. Companies use to spend a lot of money to protect their IT infrastructure access, data and, of course, their assets which include an image.

IT security is an endless theme. It depends on software, hardware, training, awareness associated with physical and logical network architecture. Moreover, applications code has to be focused on information security. Everything coherent with the corporate direction, achieving strength as cost and productivity solution for businesses of all sizes.

To make proper security continuous investment is needed to keep the company as much far from security breaches, cyber attacks, denial of services, viruses and many other security problems. However, the challenge is to succeed with a reasonable investment to achieve the necessary goal, specially designed for your company needs.

Webera offers security services with a complete overview of requirements for your business.

With all this risk, at Webera we still believe that by keeping it simple and working on what really matters is enough to keep your business safe. Here is a little bit on how we do:

  • Install automatic monitoring tools to analyze existing vulnerabilities, weak configurations, and logs
  • Customize and implement public security benchmarks and best practices
  • Training users and technical teams

Our approach is a continuous work of environment monitoring, benchmark with lead security best practices, and awareness.